Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Road Show McFight Club......

So That One Guy, makes the long drive to see Bloodspite so they can go "hunting". I found out through some of my very Emma Peel detective work that they are in my neck of the woods, and I threaten to kill them both unless they stop and say hi.

Well the "hunting trip" gets canceled, and they try to play it off with all sorts of excuses. Mr. Drunken Wisdom, trying to fool a sober Mom....Not easy to do. Contrary to my writing and crappy spelling, I am actually not the dullest tool in the shed. I have seen That One Guy, play this card before. Remember "the bullshit bloody nose from the high blood pressure story", fight club. Oh and I know, I know there is no fight club. I know, we know....And that is why it is really ok for me to be typing this.

They both gave complete bullshit versions of the meet. Imagine that.

The guys did pull into the McDonalds parking lot recklessly, bits of gravel flying off of the tires. Oh and they were all camouflaged up, that part is true. Although I am sure it has something to do with concealing identity as they had terrorized the residents of the Ozarks on the trip down. Fight Club you know. On top of the car there was an array of things tied to the roof. A couple of goats, a couch, a freezer, and a machete. I am assuming these were items won from previous fight clubs.

We did have a nice visit, in between them making trips to the parking lot to kick complete strangers asses. Bloodspite claims he is a bit shy...He is shy like me. So don't let him fool you. Very nice to see That One Guy again, he reminds me of the big brother I wished I had.....And he could beat mean people up for me. I am currently working on my list.

They did not fool my children either. Pink Ninja, was showing all of her Ninja skills, in hopes of being recruited as the youngest member of fight club.

Let me clear some things up...I was not wearing any leather, contrary to what That One Guy said....I was wearing my best June Cleaver dress, pearls, heels and apron after a long morning of baking cookies.

I did have the children with me, they were clean, apple cheeked, and listened to everything I said.

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