Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hot and Sweaty

I woke this morning at 5:30, so hot and sweaty. Which would normally make for a great story. However this story is not a good one...

Upon trying to kick one of the three extra blankets I put on the beds last night (I went to bed freezing). I thought "ouch, it hurts to kick". So I go to sit up in bed, and think "ouch it hurts to sit".

My body tried to warn me yesterday, it did. I hurt yesterday, I limped around here for the afternoon thinking I hurt my knee doing yoga.....(I have never been injured doing yoga...But thought maybe). I took naproxen (Alleve) all day, thinking I just needed an anti-inflammatory.

So I pulled my hurting self out of the bed, and ouched down the hallway, met Dash at his door. Who was sneezing, and drippy. His little voice, sounding echoed in his head. He says, "Mom, I think I am sick, like Pink Ninja was".....

"Yeah little dude, I think you are right."

He, says "cool" and jumps down the hallway...

Yeah, "cool" I say limping behind him.

I want to call in sick today.

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