Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Please Please Tell Me Now

Dash woke this morning with complaints of a "tummy ache"....I guess he woke with Dear Husband early, climbed onto his lap, and just snuggled. My kids snuggle a lot ONLY when they are sick, it is THE ONLY time they like to be wrapped in a blanket and rocked and held. Otherwise they are tearing something up, or raising some sort of cane. So Dear Husband guessed the complaints were legitimate.

I woke to hear the same complaints, and cooked a normal breakfast of toasted wheat bread with honey and eggs....Dash did not touch his, or his beverage. Pink Ninja ate both breakfasts!!

So even though today was "errand day", I opted to stay home, and rock Dash. I really will take what I can get from him. I thought maybe if I could hold him all day, it might make up for all of those times I want to squeeze him and cannot, because most of the time, he is too busy for Mom. So I decided to have jammie day. Jammie day happens about once a week here. Depends on the weather, schedule and mood. I also follow the rule that says, if you have a sick kid, NEVER change clothes needlessly. If you put clean clothes on a kid with a "tummy ache", you are asking for it to be vomited on, same goes for clean bedding.

So I make Dash a nest on the couch, wrap him in a warm blanket, with water, and soda cracker, and a Thomas book. I ask him, if he wants to go to the Dr., and Pink Ninja is off like a flash collecting her Fisher Price Dr. bag, complete with stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer, and syringe. She gives him a shot, and pokes at him with the otoscope. She kisses him and says. "You be ok Dash." It was, as sweet as it sounds.

As the day progressed, the children got antsy, Dash not so snuggly. Jumping and prancing around looking very "unsick". He also request a half a banana, and a half a pear. He looked fine, so I went ahead and cut the fruit up, and watched him eat it all and continue with his jumping.

I decide to put clothes on everyone, and head out. We have to go to the bank, return library books, take dry cleaning in, and go to the store. We get ready, there are no complaints. So I load them in the "truwk".

As soon as we hit the interstate Dash starts whining...Really whining. Whining so incessantly that I cannot understand a word out of his mouth. So in my best "not irritated with your whining voice" I say "hey buddy, you need to let me know what is wrong, I cannot understand you babe". "Can you tell me what is wrong". He just continues with the inaudible, garbled fussing.

When I pull into the bank I hear him vomiting, and vomiting, and coughing. Poor little guy, he is so sick all of a sudden he doesn't even care he is covered in puke. This would normally make Dash flip out. He didn't care.

So more lessons learned. Never take sick kids out, do not pass go, do not get sick children out of jammies , and never harass a sick kid about expressing themselves more clearly, you may not be prepared for the message.

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