Saturday, December 17, 2005

Musical Intentions...

Still wrapping and shopping on-line. Some things simply cannot be found when you live in "the sticks"....Or when you are "late". I will accept a certain amount of responsibility.

So I put in G.F. Handel, for wrapping and humming, Der Messias,I even tried A. Brukner Virga Jessa... To set my mood.

However, I had to turn it off and put in E.L.O.....and listened to "Last Train To London", about 4 times....and am leaving E.L.O. in for the rest of the day...

Now I want a bigger driveway, some big headphones, and a pair of roller-skates, or maybe time travel back to studio 54, where I could dance all night...I think the wrapping can wait...or I can just leave the pesky wrapping to those nice online folks.

I wonder if Disco is considered Christmas music, it did put me in a great Christmas mood.

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