Friday, December 23, 2005

Breakfast of Champions

I passed on breakfast only to find peanut brittle left on the porch by neighbors. So have decided I can have peanut brittle for "brunch". It was my Mothers favorite holiday candy. With each sweet piece I break off into my mouth this a.m. I can hear her laughing and making jokes that we will eat it all. I do so miss her this time of year. I guess I will. I miss waking to her warm kitchen filled with yummy food and sweet smells of baking and cooking. A large pitcher of mimosas, and hot coffee. My Mother knowing full well I am not a morning person, and letting me slowly sip coffee while sitting at the bar watching her smile, and prance through her kitchen. Humming carols. When she sees I am awake enough to speak, she would start going over the list of things we need to get done, presents that need to be wrapped, what recipe she has magically found this morning, something we just NEED to try. I was my Moms Christmas helper always. So, this year as I sit here at my kitchen table. I think of her and smile. She would be proud that my menu is made, and presents are bought, that I know her recipes from simply watching her for 29 years. I do not have most of them on paper. She would roll her eyes that it still takes me so long to "wake up". The almond shape of my eyes widening slightly, but only after the third or fourth cup of coffee. I remember on these Christmas mornings, I would eat cookies and peanut brittle with her, and she would say things like, "enjoy the fact that you can eat all of these sweets now and not have it show, because some day it will catch up with you".

Guess what Mom, you were right, it did. However this peanut brittle tasted so good this morning, and I thought of you with every bite....It was worth it this morning.

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