Sunday, December 11, 2005

Casa De Dust Debate of the Week (segment #2)

Dear Husband thinks my answers to the "5 weird habits" meme are complete bullshit.

Dear Husband says he would have chosen.

1) I order all of my dressing (usually blue cheese) on the side, but I always put it all on my salad.

I contend that, the side amount is probably less than the server, or prep person would put on.

2) I sit Indian style when I dine, unless of course I am "in dress or skirt", or we are in a "very nice restaurant". Or of course, if dining over very serious matters.

I have always sat this way when I eat, sat like that in school in desks, at work....

Is it lady like "no", probably not. Am I comfortable....Yes.

The good news is, I have not heard the rest of his list. Although I am sure he is thinking on it, and I will get the other 243 soon.

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