Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming..

The Holidays seem to go off without a hitch. The beauty of only having to entertain "my house". I did not have to go to the extra work of entertaining others..... It was lovely I promise you.

Christmas Eve possibly my favorite moment. I watched Dear Husband and the toddlers, lay a plate of cookies out, carrots for the reindeer, syrup for the elves, and a glass of milk for Santa. Dearest Husband asked the children to pay extra attention to the plate, and told them they must check it in the morning. Getting them to bed, was no trouble at all this night. They dashed to bed, both of them.

On Christmas morning, Dear Husband and I woke, to hear the toddlers waking up from the long sleep, and we hurried to plug in tree, and make sure all was well. My Dearest collected them from they're beds and let them scamper into the livingroom. The toddlers came into the livingroom to find tree lit, stockings full, and presents under the tree. They both ran to the fireplace and checked "the snacks"...To find 2 cookies half eaten, carrots almost eaten to the ends with big deer bites taken out of them, milk gone, and a note from the man in red. The note was a thank you for the snacks, and a reminder to listen to Mommy and Daddy "all year long".. The children were thrilled and jumped up and down for minutes, and then tackled the stockings, it took most of the day to open gifts. Every toy that was opened had to be inspected, opened, played with, and introduced to the other toys before a new package was opened.

It was sweet and lovely. All were happy, and Dear Husband made me coffee, we had cookies and chocolate truffles for the early morning breakfast.

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