Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The King of Romance is getting Married....

I call my Father at least once a day, and have since the death of my Mother, the following is a conversation that took place Thursday night.

Dad: "Hello."

Me: "Hey Dad."

Dad: "How are those kids?"

Me: "Wild, can't you hear them?

Dad: "Yep, they sound good. What are they doing?"

Me: "Pulling each other around with a blanket, getting wound up, I need to turn out the lights and get the books out."

Dad: "Well I bought "Girlfriend" her ring today."

Me: (smiling) "Oh Really?" "Have you asked her yet?"

Dad: "Well, when the jewelry store people were getting ready to put the ring on her, I said, I paid for it, I will put it on her finger, and then I kissed her."

Me: "Congratulations, I could not have hand picked anyone better for you."

There ya have it, my Dad the King of Romance...is getting married. I am happy for him, the two of them have went from sorrow filled widows, to giggling lovers, and friends.

--I am happy for the both of them, I will say this, for one second, the part of my heart that will always be five years old, hurt a little and I missed my Mom a bit. However, I think that is alright. I gave the little thing a hug, and said it would be ok. The 35 year old me, is thrilled and I really like this lady. She is before all other things "thoughtful". A quality I adore, and have a difficult time attaining that...Thoughtful.

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