Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

Woke this morning, and heard the voices of my "early risers" a LATE 7:19a.m. A great Christmas gift for me and Dear Husband. Sleep!! When I finally heard the monkeys, I collected them, and tossed them into "our bed", with Dear Husband. They snuggled, we talked about how it was Christmas Eve Day and how Santa was coming tonight to deliver gifts. We asked Dash how many gifts he thought he would get. He guessed "3". I think Dash will be pleasently suprised. Pink Ninja has been like a baby Chimpanzee on her Daddy today, clinging to him like she can remember him being gone last year.

Dear Husband does not ask for much, but he did request I make chocolate crinkles and cocoons (or Russian teacakes) today. So I will be baking, and cooking. The Nutcracker has been playing this morning, so lovely to listen to. Everyone is in the house. The sun is out. It is a beautiful Christmas Eve Day.

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