Tuesday, December 20, 2005

They shoot horses don't they?

Well I haven't blogged about this, but DH should be back soon. He has been in New Orleans with The National Guard.

So I have been alone here at Casa De Dust, alone for almost 2 weeks, with the collective known as "The toddlers". How I did this for 18 months is beyond me-really. So I have been here doing all things Christmas, shopping, wrapping, shipping, delivering wine to neighbors, ordering meat from the butcher, dropping off dry cleaning. You know the drill. I have probably unloaded and loaded the toddlers about 150 times from the truck during this time...My arms should look very kick ass...And I should be able to lift the entire truck. Arm wrestling anyone?

However, I have run into a problem. I never have had a knee problem EVER...For the last week or so, I have been hobbling around like some "old woman". Living on alleve, and other anti-inflammatories. Woke this a.m. unable to bear any weight on the damn thing.

Injured? Probably..How, I have no idea. So I have all sorts of odds and ends to do finish up at Casa De Dust, and am almost crying every time I bear weight on right leg. Crap. I am walking around this place with right knee bent and on tip toes of right foot. Today I am off the pharmacy down the road to buy an ace wrap and a gross of Ibuprofen...Crap. Not exactly what I need to be doing today.

I am hoping my Dear Husband does not come home, and put me out to pasture. A wife with a bum leg is not much good to an Army guy. I need to be able to carry my own weight, and some of his. Don't forget all of the baby dolls, and Thomas track. Maybe if I decorate the bandage with bows, a garter, stockings, something...he won't notice...

I hope I don't end up in some glue factory for broken wives...

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