Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pimp My Blog

It is as if the Tech-Heavens opened and a geek was sent to my aide! Yes, The Ponytailed Conservative has offerred to "repair", my template. He is a self proclaimed geek, so I am hoping he can pimp this mother up, or is it pimp this mother out? I am soooo unhip on so many levels.

Go wish him well, he has a bit of a cold. Take some Airborne, I am telling you, it works.


Contagion said...

Oh my god, you are such a mom! This reminds me when I was in High School and my mother said to me, "Do you listen to the raps?"

Anonymous said...

I intend to keep that promise, too. Bless you for not holding my feet to the fire until I feel better.

At which point, my help will involve getting a current copy of your template to me by email. Do you need more detail on how to go about that?