Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Is 9am to early for cocktails?

I am sure it is. Damn clock, you have betrayed me again.

Dash was up at 4:50am again. I am thinking of getting him a job, something for him to do with this early morning energy he has. Maybe he could pick cotton, although it is too early in the year. Maybe he could decorate donuts, he needs something that his 3 and 1/2 year old hands, and height could manage. By 7am, Dash already had foam letters, glue, paper, colors and various other items for "arts and crafts" time. Actually Dash is good, if you can find exactly what he wants to do, and keep sister away.

"MOMMY WHERE ARE MY SAFETY SCISSORS?" He SCREAMS and yells about these damn scissors all morning. (I have drug my sore and tired ass around all morning looking for these things.) So after all of this screaming, and my lecturing about loudness, and how we don't scream--- Pink Ninja is awake too.

She of course wants to be involved with arts and crafts time, but has no dexterity for it. So I put her in her highchair, and give her some foam letters and paper and crayons. Knowing I will be crawling around the floor picking them up in about 10 minutes. Telling her "no we don't eat crayons, we draw pretty" as I wipe green crayon off of her teeth.

yesterday, Dash was on the metal double swing. The kind that sits 2. Dash was swinging high and fast, and Pink Ninja ran in front of it, faster than my legs could get me 4 feet. So I stood and watched in horror as the swing crashed into her 18 month old face, and flattened her to the ground, only to scrape her back to bits before I could rescue her. UGHH I was just sick. I wish I was faster and had longer arms. She cried and cried, and said "ouch" in her little mouse voice. Heartbreaking. I sat and held her for an hour. Why did I put this sunsuit on her today, instead of a t-shirt.

I really don't need a cocktail, I need more coffee, to keep up with them. Maybe a Dr. Could transfuse my blood into them, and then we would have a level playing field. Today I feel old around them. They awaken with smiles, running, and climbing. I hurt from yoga and pilates the other night, my ass and arms feel like someone wrung me out. . The "substitute Nazi" was there and loves push ups. Since when are push ups a yoga move? I have class again tonight.

I need to take a picture of them today while they are crying and screaming at me, just so this story looks honest. I forget there are a lot of days like this. Sometimes they stretch into week or so. Sometimes they just last the day.

Most of the time I forget about all of the hours spent doing damage control, when they take my face in their hands and kiss me on my mouth and say "I love you"......

They better hurry. I could use a kiss this morning.


Katy said...

me too....

The Bobo Knitter said...

Oh poor baby Ninja. You too, when you have been up since the butt-crack of dawn, 9 is not too early for cocktails!

Bou said...

I have told people more than once that 'my soul purpose in life is to keep Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest from enacting itself upon my family, wiping our gene pool off the face of this Earth."

No kidding.

Anonymous said...

If it is not improper, consider yourself hugged and give Ninja a big hug from me! Laughing Wolf, who did this and the Emma Peel comment too

Anonymous said...

Smooches for everyone!

Except Laughing Wolf. He's on his own.

Quality Weenie said...


I love reading your blog.

There does that count?!

Contagion said...

Poor kid, I know how you feel. Clone does stuff like that all the time, and you just feel like a bad parent for a while. On a lighter note, kids heal fast.