Thursday, May 12, 2005

Food and embarrassment?

I see by the amount of questions awaiting me......You all feel I am as interesting as I do.

Bobo Blogger wants to know if I like it spicy.....Food that is.

I do like fairly spicy food. I love Indian food, and do not eat it as much as I would like. I like good Mexican food. I loathe mediocre Chinese food. I am not a great cook of "spicy foods" however. My heritage being half German, I can make great dumplings, spaetzel, egg noodles, hell I can even make head cheese. I am working on my "spicy foods".

Contagion wants to know about "crazy or embarrassing" things done while drunk.

The MOST embarrassing thing I have done drunk.........I could probably discuss this all day. I used to drink A LOT. When I was in college and high school (16-19) I was the girl that always brought her "own bottle". (Nice) um I have done lots of embarrassing things while drunk. Most of these are fairly typical. I have puked on my girlfriends shoes. I have danced on tables. I have broken chandeliers with nunchucks. I leaned into a candle one night at a bar and my hair went up in flames. I have fell down, passed out, locked myself in bathrooms, passed out and ended up in detox, because I was to drunk to even talk. Just didn't know when too much was too much. Maybe it was didn't care when too much was too much. There are no photos that I am aware of. I am sure if photo phones etc. were available at the time, there would be plenty. Thank God I am 34, and technology is new.


The Bobo Knitter said...

hmm, sounds like me, but I was that way from about 14 till about 21. Now, hardly drink at all. . . boy am I glad they didn't have camera phones then too! Oh, and spicy foods mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Army Wife, we do have some stuff in common. I lived in Nebraska until I was 9 and I too am half German (actually 3/4 German, 1/4 Irish). Indian, Thai and Mexican food are my favs, but I like it HOT!

I do some pretty heavy drinkin' once in a while, but it sounds like you have me beat. We'll see what happens when I'm in Cabo in a couple of weeks. Three of the guys I'm going with are Nevada sheriff's deputies. I s'pect they'll drink me under the table, but I'm prepared to give them a run for it!

Rachelle Jones said...

For the record...I have not been "DRUNK"...for at least 7 years. Social drinking is about it for me these days......

Contagion said...

I was pretty much drunk from the age of 19 until 28. There are all kinds of stories involving me floating around.

And before you spout off another comment about it, yes some have to do with Strip Clubs!