Saturday, May 21, 2005

Armed Forces Day

Today, is a great day to thank those you know for their military service. Send a care package to a soldier with no family. Donate whatever you can afford to a great charity. . Help a deployed soldiers loved ones and mow the lawn, or fix a drippy faucet. Drop into a couple of military blogs and thank them for their service. Visit the VFW's Operation Uplink, and make a donation. Let all of our service members, and veterans, know you are thankful for their personal sacrifice.


Katy said...

Happy Armed Forces Day to you and Hubby.;) Big hugs and kisses to both of you on this day. We appreciate the sacrifices both you and you husband have made for us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you and your family for the great sacrifices they make for people like me.

I for one appreciate all you and your husband do, go through in order for him to serve our citizens!