Wednesday, May 25, 2005

20 Questions?

This is a follow up answer to this post, that did not exactly generate much traffic....

Air Force Family Wife, asked me what I could NOT LIVE without, if we were stationed somewhere with a crappy PX/BX/Commissary.

Well, I am currently a National Guardsman's spouse, so I am used to NOTHING. The closest post is 45 minutes away, and it is not a great "post". When we were active military and at Fort Bragg, I naturally thought all PX, etc would be that big. I was 20, give me a break.

I am honestly a low maintainance gal, although I can be high maintainance, if given the time, opportunity and money involved. I grew up in a very POOR working class home, so I can make do with whatever. This is a skill that has done me well, and has made life easier on Dear Husband.

What can't I live without? I will make a list of only 5 here, I am sure I could go on for days here.

1) Baths

My baths saved me night after night during husbands 18 months away. It was my quiet time, my soak time, my reading time, my cocktail time. My baths still save me, a glass of wine and a bath, AHHHH. Heavenly.

2) Coffee

I think I might be dead without it. I love the taste of it, the ritual of it, the smell of it.

3) Disposable Diapers

I won't even go into details.

4) Baby Wipes

I can't imagine the laundry involved without these things.

5) Wash Machine

Come on....I seriously could not manage without this wonderous appliance.

So tell me, is there something you just can't live without?


Anonymous said...

Your blog looks all messed up in Firefox, which is the latest and greatest these days (what I use, anyway).

Give me a holler if you need help. I charge money right up to the point when it is a Bad Example family member - then it becomes free of charge. Shout if ya need me.

The Bobo Knitter said...

My cell phone! It keeps me connected to all of my loved ones all the time.

Contagion said...

Something I can't live with out. Easy, my wife. (waiting for collective "awe" from the females, and rolling of the eyes from the guys)

My wife keeps me in check from doing all the stupid stuff I am inclined to do. She also takes care of me and the family. I wouldn't be able to handle the boys with out her.

Plus it's easier to get laid with her in the bed next to me every night then having to go out trolling for chicks. :)

airforcewife said...

I never would have thought of "bath", but you are sooooo right. And no one would want me to live without a bath. Ick.

I have to say that I also need decent deoderant. Not the stuff that doesn't work that some places try to sell you. And it better be the kind that smells good. I'm a "pinger", sweat accompanies the pinging.

And mexican food. We spent a year without mexican food in New Hampshire. It was horrible. I had to learn to make my own tortillas... Nightmare.

Katy said...

I agree with evrythinG on your list except for the baths. I cannot take baths. I get bored. What a dumbass unh? LOL

Rachelle Jones said...

Katy: YOu get bored in the tub? That is truly the point....Take some wine.

Air Force WIfe: tortillas are a pain to make, are you good at it. Maybe enter the recipie in the carnival.

Jeff: Crap, I am pissed about my blog

Contagion: I am glad you recognize the impotance of Wife. We are the much fairer and brighter of the sexes.

oddy: The phone is nice.....

Anonymous said...

Okay so I'm a little late... it's been a bit busy *grin*. Honestly we "can" all live without just about anything except food, rudimentary shelter, and clothing (especially in Chicago where it gets a might brisk in the winter)

What I don't want to live without? My husband, my computer and high speed internet access, my books, and iced tea. (I do showers instead of baths... like Katy - baths really don't do much for me ho-hum LOL)