Monday, December 04, 2006

Birthday photos...

OK, so my "GREAT" camera broke, and I had to buy a cheapo, guess what, you will surprised to hear it takes crappy pictures, which has been depressing. I have reset, the exposure, and outdoor/indoor settings a million times, only to find much of the same. My old camera took better photos. These will have to suffice, until I can manage to save a little scratch for a new "nicer camera". I miss my optical zoom.....And the flash on this little thing is sure to blind us all.

*Pink Ninja and Sir Roland "playing together" without me blowing a whistle, or breaking some sort of rukus up!

*Pink Ninja opening up her little circus, she loves this little toy!!

*PinkNinja blowing candles out on her french toast!!

*opening Sir Rowlands's gift, he picked it out, and helped Daddy wrap it!

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Unknown said...

Maybe not the best of cameras but you still got some great shots.