Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

The greatest shock this morning....

The Collective gave us the gift of sleep!! They slept until almost 8am!!

I even had to wake Farmer Sir Rowland!

WOW, that NEVER happens....NEVER...

The children enjoyed the opening of gifts, and the very apparent Santa Visit, they inspected the carrots and empty plates, and the cup of egg nog.

Santa brought Pink Ninja her Talking Dora House, Sir Rowland got the Rokenbok! I am still trying to figure out the control for the Rokenbok. (dork)

I must add here, I am amazed at the physical strength my children have shown today. Both were able to lift LARGE boxes from Santa. I really am amazed, these are the same children that complain they cannot lift things...often. I might have to start wrapping things around the house, in order to have them picked up!!

Most of the boxes, bows and paper have been picked up...most. Tummies are full. Pink Ninja has eaten a lot of candy...sneaker...

And because I am the daughter of a daughter of German farm folk, it appears I have made too much food.....AGAIN. Everything was delish!!

Christmas bonus...Santa brought Momma a bottle of Ketle One, Daddy got a bottle of Makers Mark. Thank you Santa...a drink will be good tonight before bed!

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