Friday, December 29, 2006

It is a jungle out there

Jimbo from Joisey (who btw, should get paid to write this stuff) reminded me of something tonight.

"I confessed that I do get Animal Planet, although I don't watch it much, because every time I tune in I either see badly abused animals at the hands of human maroons, or I am treated to the spectacle of one animal killing and feasting on another animal. I understand that the latter is the way things go in nature, but Id sooner watch something else"

I know what Jimbo means, I too seem to always flip to Animal Planet at the most awkward, and horrifying moments...

I think it was summertime, and I was in deep need of rest. (Sir Rowland, never slept or napped, and was up at 5am daily.) Anyway, I made a bed on the floor in hopes he would nap beside me.

So the two of us, were lying on the cool carpet on a summers day. I flipped and perused through about 40 channels until I found a show on monkeys. I love monkeys, and was sold immediately. So we sat, the two of us engrossed in the program. Listening to the camera mans soothing voice, as he spoke about the drought in Africa, and how the monkeys had wondered for days to find water.

When all of a sudden, we see a very well camouflaged alligator or crocodile pop its mean jaws up only to clamp them onto a monkeys head, while it tried to rehydrate itself in murky and swampy puddle. A horrible thing in its own right, and I was clamoringng about to find the remote, when I see the monkeys very own mother try and save it from these hideous jaws. A horrible thing to expose a baby to, for the love of God. I found the remote as fast as I could, never to know the fate of the poor little monkey. (I will guess, the monkey lost)

I felt horrible for subjecting Sir Rowland to such a violent scene.

But now looking back. It is really no worse than a Disney movie. You have Bambi's mother, the crazed killer in 101 Dalmations, the animal abuse in Dumbo. Heck the first 5 minutes of Finding Nemo are gut wrenching.

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