Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello gorgeous

The weather continues to surprise and amaze me. I think it was almost 80 degrees here yesterday. 80 degrees. Wow.

DH had managed the day off.

I had A LOT of Christmas things I needed to do, but the things went to the side. (eg:gift wrapping, buying, cards, cleaning, laundry...etc he has to work Sunday, so might as well take advantage of the day)

We went to the park, and stayed out of doors, for as much fresh air as possible. It
is absolutely amazing to me, these sorts of temperatures. I also needed to get a nice walk in. The cookies, and candy have been finding their was into my mouth, despite my not needing them.

I will be late with Christmas cards, it is as simple as that, so for those of you on my list, I do apologize. I was going to send one out of just the children, but then decided a family portrait is in order again this year. As we are lucky to be spending the Christmas as a family. It is a good reminder and excuse to get this done. Hoping I will have this done by New Years. No it will be done by New Years...

It was a fun filled day, with great weather!! The Collective had a great time, and Pink Ninja flew up the climbing wall. I missed the photo op. After we got home, I managed to have the collective help me make buckeyes!! Yummmmmm....DH then took them out of doors for a wagon ride, and a game of catch. During that time I decided to clean bathrooms, and get a load of wash done, and go through bills.

Dinner was a delicious beer in the rear chicken on the grill accompanied by grilled veggies with carmelized onions...

DH had to work today, we wish he were home.

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Anonymous said...

Cool park... love the tank. ;-)