Wednesday, December 13, 2006

They don't call them FUNctions, for nothing...

The Collective are ill, with some minor cold virus. This does not happen real often as we do not spend our days with other filthy tots.

Yes tots are filthy.

I have proof.

For the last 2 days I have said this "cover your mouth when you cough", at least 426 times.

I have also enjoyed this little ditty "do not wipe your nose on your sleeve, get a tissue, and wash your hands". Ughhhh....

I have even had to say this..."did you just wipe your nose on my jeans?"

Seriously I am having to say this to my beautiful, children. My kids.


Also a new fascination with flatulence. Sir Rowland has started flatulating in peoples general direction. Pink Ninja pretending to catch it and throw it back at him. Sir Rowland telling her she has missed the flatulence, and it will go "into her mouth"...for the sake of Pete, where does he come up with this stuff?

Sir Rowland has recently taught himself to belch. A talent he discovered while we were in the PX a couple of weeks ago. We were innocently strolling down the aisles, in the stationery/book department. Nice. All he could say was, "listen Mom, listen to this, I figured it out." And then the belching and grinning began. (I did congratulate him on his new skill, I think I was 8 when I finally figured it out.) It is "something" I suppose. But I begged him, to refrain from doing it publically as some sort of performance piece. The uniformed men at the PX, were not discouraging his new talent, and they found my frustration with the performance as equally funny. So I tried doing what every Mother tries to do, I "ignored him"... So, Sir Rowland burped his way from stationaery, to cosmetics, to sundries...all the while with a smattering of chuckles.

I guess I should be glad he was not flatuating in they're general diection, because you know it is coming. I pray to God the Adjutant General, and his Mrs. do the shopping on Saturdays.

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