Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Activity set

Tonight, I sat down with The Collective, and discussed the Christmas lists for the final time...

You know, Santa really needs to know, time is running out.

Sir Rowland, yeah...He has not changed or altered the list, there are 3 things he really wants. I am sure, Santa and his helpers have managed to make these items.

On the other hand Pink Ninja, really only wanted 2 things this season. The pony Butterscotch, which I am pretty sure Santa does not have the means to build, and The Talking Dora House. I then ask...

AWTM: "are you sure that is it, you do not want anything else?"

Pink Ninja: "an activity set"

AWTM: "an activity set?"

Pink Ninja: "yes, an activity set."

AWTM: "what kind of activity set?"

Pink Ninja: "an activity set."

AWTM: *looking at DH, with a horrified deer in the headlights look*

DH: "honey what is in the activity set?"

Pink Ninja: "like the activity set in the kitchen, and on the mantle, and in my room."

AWTM: "OHHH, a nativity set."

She currently has one on her bookshelf in her room that is glass, and sort of South American looking (I collect them). It is unusual, and is bright. However, I have not let her play with it, because it is glass.

So I must get her one she can touch. I used to love rearranging my parents nativity. It had been my Fathers parents set. I do recall it had a small blue light bulb and had to be plugged in. My favorite Christmas item, for many years. It is now packed in a box at my Fathers home, waiting for me to collect it, and bring it safely to my home.

Someday she will get that one, but for now...

I think this one will do....

Looks like I am not quite done shopping.


Anonymous said...

I used to collect the Fontinelli
got up to 100 sets before i ran out of room
Merry Xmas to you and the collective

Anonymous said...

We have the Little People Nativity set. The kids love it. The first year we had it, my two year old ran through the house frantic, "I lost Jesus, I lost Jesus!"

No worries, we found Baby Jesus behind the couch.