Monday, December 11, 2006

Bake Day

Today was cookie day here at Casa De Dust.

Mexican Wedding cakes

Gingerbread Boys and Girls


Sugar cookies.

I used Paula Deens suagar cookie recipe, and they are yummmmmy.

The Collective helped.

It took forever to clean the kitchen.

Sir Rowland was in charge of cracking eggs, sifting flour, and reading the recipes.

Pink Ninja was in charge of dumping pre-filled cups and teaspoons into the bowl.

I let them both run the mixer.

We made bells, angels, and stars out of the sugar cookie dough. They did a good job.

Suprisingly, Sir Rowland, is fast, and accurate in the kitchen, he enjoys cooking, and baking.

Sir Rowland: "I think I want to work with Paula Deeno" (I do not know why ha added a letter to her name, but he has claled her that FOREVER. He has only seen her show 3 times MAYBE.)

AWTM: "You could work with Paula Deeno, you are a big help in the kitchen, you do a great job."

Sir Rowland: "I know, I could also talk about kitchen safety, you know most accidents in the home occur in the kitchen."

AWTM: "Yeah, I am aware"

Sir Rowland: "She could have me keep track of how much ingrediant she needs."

AWTM: "How much brown sugar do we need?"

Sir Rowland: "2/3 of a cup, that is less than a cup you know."

AWTM: "You are right, it is."

Blogging will be light I am finishing a book, and RESTING...the baking wiped me out.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad they enjoy helping out as well!