Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well it looks like the final nominations are announced! Lets go run over and take a gander shall we?

RUNNING OVER.....scrolling






Maybe next year...right?

I guess I didn't make it.

It reminds of the pumpkin decorating contest in first grade. Yeah, I didn't I recall I didn't get a mention. I think I cried, yeah I know a complete pussy. Give me a break I was like 6.

Reminds me of 2nd grade, my teacher sent a painting of mine to the State Fair, white ribbon. Damn, she did however buy the painting for $5.00.

Third grade, singing a solo at a PTA Christmas meeting. The only person chosen to sing. Got stage fright , and shy, and no one could hear me. The only and last time I was chosen to sing.

7th grade, spelling bee, between all country schools. I made it to the top 5, (yes I used to be a fantastic speller (what the hell happened? I have no idea). Anyway, during the bathroom break, I was so nervous I accidentally walked into the boys bathroom. Standing at the urinal was "Danny" a boy I had a crush on peeing. When I gasped in horror, he looked over his shoulder, and he turned the reddest I have ever seen a boy. Needless to say, I went back the the spelling bee flustered and I lost. Also "the crush" was never reciprocated.

7th grade basketball. Country school, 4 very decent players on the team. I was 5'7 and about 80 pounds. (class mates called me "skeletor") Got fouled, and sent to the free throw line. Could not make a normal free throw over the head shot. With 80 pounds of muscle behind my bony frame. My coach yells from the sidelines..."you know you cannot shoot from overhead, granny shoot now!" (*note here the coach was my Dad) I made the granny shot, but was so horrified that I could not shot the ball like a "normal fucking cool person", it did not matter...)

8th grade, the trackmeet. 3rd place high jump. Damn. I had a couple of other shots. Relay races. I do rememeber my Dad in the center of the field running ahead of me saying "pump pump, run, run, run, your life depends on it!!!" I recall this. I was seriously running as fast as I could. Seriously. I think that is the fastest I had ever run. I was at that moment running as fast as I probably ever had or will, and trying TRYING my hardest only to come in dead last. I was disappointed, but the look on my Father face was what got me. It was the "that's it, that was your best effort?" look.

I am left recalling my freshman year of high school. Basketball season. That sucked. I made the team, got the uniform, but only got tossed into the mix, if we were 70 points ahead, or 70 points behind. The bad news here, is my effort was always there, just no natural ability it seemed. So I sat on the bench for most of the season.....The 2 times I did get thrown in the mix I sucked...

Anyway I sit here reminded of all of my averageness this morning.

I have learned a couple of good lessons from being average.

I think the most important of these, is watching my own children. Watching them, learning where they have ability and where they do not. Learning what they enjoy and what they do not. Fun is what matters....In the end. Right? It is about having a good time....

Learning what you want to do, and what you do not. Learning what is fun and what is not.

I like blogging, it is fun.

The best part of blogging, the PEOPLE. The STORIES. Some of them make us laugh.

When the day is long, and we have gotten bad news, and it seems like our World may be small and crashing in. We see you.

Some of you had babies, some of you lost jobs, some of you got a new great job, some of you got fired, some of you are falling in love and some of you are getting a divorce, and some are at war.

It is a wonderful reminder of spirit...

"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death"

*Auntie Mame

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