Monday, December 04, 2006

Patience is a virtue...

I do not think of myself as impatient person. However, I can hear those who know me reading this and laughing...
go ahead and laugh.

I am not patient. I can be patient, but as a rule I like things done NOW, or yesterday.

A great example of this is Pink Ninja's Birthday cake. Angel Food. How I adore Angel food.

I made Pink Ninja's cake the day before her birthday, found a large bottle to set it upside down. So there it sat upside down.

Every time I walked past the cake I could hear it whisper...

"frost me, frost me, then you are done. Frost me"

So I went ahead and made my Mom's chocolate icing, and while the butter was melting. I cut the cake out of the pan, and set it on a beautiful milk glass platter, with little pieces of wax paper under the edges.

I am stirring my fabulous icing, and peer over at the cake to find it falling all over itself.

Ughhhh, too soon. Too soon. Too soon.

"damn'it, you know better"

So I frosted the fallen cake and put it in the freezer, for some sort of occasion when a "fallen cake" might be in order.

Yeah I had to make another cake. I let it hang upside down all night.

Yesterday I made a batch of dough for bread, rolls, etc.

I went ahead and baked a batch of rolls for dinner, while the rest of the dough was rising.

"damn'it lady, we were not ready for baking, we will not rise, we are going to sit here flat and peer at you"

OK food, I get it, wait WAIT WAIT.

Now stop all of the talking already. Between the food talking, and crying at commercials, I feel like a nutcase.

The good news is, I was a good girl, the rolls are in the oven this morning.

The house smells sooooooo goood.

Now, if I can convince myself not to eat the entire batch of warm bread as it exits the oven.


Unknown said...

I'm coming for a visit.

Anonymous said...

**Sniff sniff** I'm on my way... yummy