Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What can I say?

Last evening my fellow SpouseBuzz contributors and I had the good fortune of talking to Kristin Henderson. She wrote the book While They Are At War. I had a terrible time narrowing my questions down.

One of those questions I wanted to ask.....I wanted to ask her about the widows. The widows. What do I say, what can I do, do they know my guilt? I have met many widows in my day, but not many young war time widows. Andi, and Kristen touched on this for a moment. Kristin had a hard time with the knock on the door chapter in her book. It took a long time for her to muster the courage to speak with those left behind.

I recalled talking to Ward Carroll about this, while in Killeen, at the first SpouseBuzz conference. He suggested I listen to his 3 part podcast series from August.

Part 1

part 2

part 3

I finally sat down and listened to it. And although heartbreaking, to hear a woman speak so candidly about her loss, I am glad I did.

I was amazed at Ward, and Joanna's candor during the interview.

It is an amazing listen.

I am thinking of Joanna tonight....thank you for sharing your story.

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Anonymous said...

THANKS! I read that chapter yesterday. I'm writing a paper about ministering to families dealing with deployment today. You have perfect timing.