Monday, December 11, 2006

How bad was it?


I have gotten 2 e-mails this morning, asking me for proof of how BAD the wax museum was.

Would I lie to you?

It was bad.

Any wax museum that requires figures to be labeled, is bad. I mean really, if you must label a figure of George Washington, it really isn't a good one right.

Here is another example of how bad the museum is.

Please rememeber I bought a cheap camera. It takes lousy photos. Lousy. Second, remeber I am laughing hysterically trying to stay upright long enough to take photos, oh and last it was dark, very dark (to make these wax figures resemble anyone) and the sheer campiness of it all made me feel as if I were in a John Waters movie.

*a very curious exhibit, Prince Charles, meeting Richard and Pat Nixon.

There was a figure of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Tammi swore it was Cedric the Entertainer.

I promise folks, if you show up, I will take you there. It is really that bad.


Anonymous said...

Now that is funny!

Anonymous said...

That figure of George Washington looks vaguely familiar, but not as George. Wish I could think who it reminds me of... But it sure doesn't look like Washington! *g*