Monday, December 11, 2006

And She is gone...

After a nice visit, it seems as though Tammi had to get back to her regular scheduled program. We did manage to have a final lunch of nachos and beer in front of a football game, although none of her teams were playing.

I managed to showcase one of my most useless skills. "Let me guess where you are from". I managed to guess the ticketing agent at the airport, had lived in Boston for a time.....a Boston accent, that is EASY, that is really easy to guess. Well not so much when the said ticketing agent is originally from Germany. HA. A useless talent really.

The Collective enjoyed Tammi's visit, and were remarkably good. 2 minutes in the door, and they were playing CandyLand with her. PinkNinja got a beautiful doll with long blonde hair...she loves her new doll baby. I kept waiting for Sir Rowland to have one of his "meltdowns"...he didn't. He kissed and hugged her, he sat by here, and taught her all about Rokenbok, even making her visit the web page on her lap top. DH had a fun weekend, with the kids. Pink Ninja, was a rockstar, and pretty good. We had shrimp Saturday night, and she played with her shrimp tails and had them fighting one another.

I spoke with my Dad last night, and he wanted to know how "the visit" went. I told him I took my friend to a bad wax museum.....he was horrified, and said he was sure she would never visit again. I replied..."If I didn't want Tammi to come back, I would have taken her to the Clinton Presidential Library"...

Thank You for making the trip here Tammi, I hope you had a wonderful time, and are starting your week, energized and rested!

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