Monday, October 22, 2007


The Parent Teacher Conferences went swimmingly.

Sir Rowland is learning the rules, and acting appropriately.

Academically he is far ahead of his peers.

However this does not benefit much , because he is 5. Most materials for learning are age and academically appropriate.

So we run in to the old snafu.

We have decided to add a subject to Sir Rowlands repitoire.

A language or a geography, due to his boredom, and need for a change.

I am so proud of him, I really am.....

He has had a lot of adjusting to do.


c wiss said...

Adding a second language now would rock - plus there's lot of age-appropriate material for teaching foreign language. And it's actually easier when you're 5 than when you're 15. Which of course is why our educational system starts students with languages in late middle school. :-p

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get my kids learning a 2nd language now! But what ever they have the best material for and what you think is best. You know your son! Wish they had a music class he could join!!!