Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sew What

It was brought to my attention last week, that AWANA was having a "costume night"...ouch. First off, I have no creative bone in my body. seriously. I do not craft, I do not sew.

I will once again add here, I do not sew. Oh sure I can sew a military patch on, thank God we have velcro on the new ACUs and no longer do I have to sit with bloddied paws.

I just do not sew, was never instructed on the hows and whys of it.

My Mother grew up, in a household, where I am pretty sure most clothing was hand made. Which is something most farm kids grew up hating. My Mom grew up in a household where she envied store bought clothes, bread, and potato chips. Only to miss all of those things terribly later.

I never say my Mother sew, with exception of a button.

I will also add here, that I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks...I was a witch, my entire childhood Halloweens. It was a mask bought at the 5 and dime, and it still exists, and is intact in a rubbermaid tote in my Father's basement. I think it was a glow in the dark mask, the costume was fashioned out of plastic as well, and smelled of petroleum.

And as much as I loved Halloween as a child, it was never about the costume. It was about hanging out with my sister who was 7 years my senior and my Brother who was 4 years my junior. It was seriously the only activity of the year, that we were equals. No one fought, the candy went into a collective pile, and we all shared. We would go out until our orange hollow plastic pumpkins were full and then we would go home and empty them on the kitchen table. We would head back out 3 or 4 times. Greed was good. We would return with full pumpkins to find my Father stuffed to the gills with snickers bars. I can still recall which houses gave what, even after all of these years. I can recall neighbors names, colors of homes, and wonder who is alive, and who is passed, if anyone that used to live in that neighborhood remains.

For the past 2-3 days I have been fashioning costumes out of $1 a yard fabric, and some sort of bonding material that melts when you touch it with a hot iron. (be careful with the bonding material.)

The costumes turned out OK, but then again I had to make "biblical costumes" which requires me to fashion some sort of shapeless square with holes for the arms and heads. The hems are crooked, and it is obvious I will not be working for the likes of Chanel, Ford, or any other design house in the near future.

I am just hoping that they continue to go as Biblical characters for the next 10 years, because in that time, I should have mastered the shapeless square.

Pictures to follow.....

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pamibe said...

I never learned how to sew, other than a hem. And even with something so simple things can be iffy. ;)