Sunday, October 21, 2007

A first of many

Tomorrow DH and I attend our VERY first Parent Teacher Conference....


I have promised to keep my trap SHUT unless there is something I NEED to say, and if I NEED to say something I will think about it. I do not need to chew off my own leg.

As with most parents, I am protective. Do I think my children are perfect and without in fact, I would guess, if there was a problem at school would be mine...

However, in with all things Sir Rowland and Pink Ninja , I sort of feel as it is my job to advocate for the best for them, the best for our family.

Are my decisions, always perfect? Sadly no.

I will say this, he is far exceeding our expectations. He really is. I guess we will see what the teacher has to say.

I hope she understands how well he is adjusting, but I promise to keep my mouth shut, and be nice, that is why DH is in charge this round. He is much more diplomatic than I am.

Also DH's PT conferences always were the same. "He is a great kids, smart, does his work, but he talks too much.

My Parent Teacher conferences as a child were the "She does not apply herself, and she talks too much" variety.

Ick. I sort of suppose we have whatever is coming to us.

Tonight, Sir Rowland exited his AWANA class with a HUGE smile, he was so proud, he recieved his crown and his first jewel. He loves his AWANA classes, as does Pink Ninja.

Pink Ninja, would read the AWANAS handbook daily.

I never have to ask them to get the books out, they BEG me to review the work with them.

Once again, I will tell those of you that are parents to get your children involved in this program. Your children will love it.

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Caltechgirl said...

I loved AWANA, too. I went all the way through H.S. It was awesome. My parents still have all the trophies.

YAY for Sir Rowland! I am super proud of him for getting his crown and his jewel!