Saturday, March 10, 2007

Watching The Collective

It is 74 degrees out...

The Collective have had the first water fight of the Season. AWTM is dry. I can stand up if I take enough motrin or toradol.


The Collective want me to play soccer, baseball, and golf. I am not up for it I am afraid. They are frustrated with me. Heck they are just frustrated, and the amount of energy they have is amazing. They have had 3 meals and snacks today. The cannot even sit still while eating.

I have said this more times than not today...I might get t-shirts made.

"do not stand by someone swinging a (inset sports implement here_____), you will get your brains knocked out of your head.

In fact I have had to save each of they're little brains from getting knocked out on at least *7 occassions.

Rememeber this when you are aged, and in a home AWTM.

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