Monday, March 19, 2007

drive time

I did not mind the head time in the car, actually I was looking forward to it. I thought it would be a good time to get some things sifted through. HA.

All 3 tots are up. How fun is that.

I am getting ready to make them eggs, toast, and bananas.

The high is 50 something today, however the wind is blowing like 30 mph, which is not uncommon. WIND...I almost forgot how windy it is on te great plains.

Last night I read the Collective, and Curl books in this ginormous Cinderella tent. I finally thought it was too late, so I started reading my macbook manual. It immediately put me to sleep. I woke at 11:30, to my phone ringing, because DH wanted to hear how the day went.

I woke, and could not find Pink Ninja, I looked everywhere, in bathrooms, and all beds, behind sofas in a panic.

I finally went back down to the Cinderella tent. I found her curled into the smallest ball in the corner of the tent.

Heart attack.

It should be a fun day. I think we are going to try and make a life size easter bunny out of paper, paint, and cotton balls.

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture.