Monday, March 05, 2007

Daily physical contact is not overated.

Shell be my mirror
Reflect what I am
A loser and a winner

-Echo and The Bunnymen

OK....DH had National Guards all weekend. So we missed him.

We are looking at three days before he departs. Like I said, we were ready for 3 months, not 5 months. So now we are looking at a different laundry list of things to do.

All of the "man things" that I do not know, or want to deal with must be done in 72 hours. Fun. For all parties involved.

We will get to meet on weekends when he has time, and have decided to meet about halfway, so both of us do not have to travel far.

Soooo I am guessing I will be seeing this blogger in the near future!! One of the bright spots in this.

So there is packing, fixing, last minute hugs and photos, and all of the going on around here. It is a very surreal experience.

I seriously think I am above all of this. So I am caught of guard with the anxiety surrounding this sort of stuff.

Ha. I keep thinking about the Special Forces couples I know. This is the life they have CONSTANTLY. I mean months on, and off with no idea where loved ones are, or what they are doing. Today I am blown away by these couples. How do they do it, is beyond me...

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