Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm standing in the middle of life with my pains behind me.

ahhhhhh....relief from pain. For the first day in what feels like an eternity. I have not had to take advil, or toradol!! (Yet) Hoooray!! I am assuming the birth control pills kicked something into gear, as my skin also is reaping the benefits. Seriously. I have never had acne, but I have been having such a splotchy spotty face. For the love of God. I also will add here, the fact that I pretty much am left with the following options for now...

1) be on a monphasic birth control pill, hoping it can control hormone levels and pain.

2) deal with this crap that ends up being debilitating (not kidding).

3) have a partial hystorectomy, becuase of my uterus being diagnosed with adenomyosis.

Frankly for now, I am going to pray that "the pill" does the trick. Of course I have to keep a "female diary". Which I think I may just go to town with just fr fun. Get a big black book with a skull and crossbones on it, that says PERIOD on it in big letters, just to entertain myslef. Life is short folks.

Church went well this morning. The Collective do well at Church. I have not heard one complaint. It is almost like they must turn into different kids at Church. Todays sermon, fantastic. Death.....a topic I seriously enjoy. Lots of wonderful singing.

The Collective begged for Chinese food after Church, so I took them to the mall for Chinese. Seriously the only Chinese food I can stand in Little Rock. Most of the Asian Food here is horrid. (unsure why)

Then we bought Easter togs for Pink Ninja, and Sir Rowland.

I have been on the hunt for a houndstooth skirt for MONTHS. I found one today!! I was thrilled and bought it. YEA! I seriously felt victorious about finding one I liked!! I felt like I had been on some sort of hunt, no JOKE. (Also I will add here, houndstooth is a pattern, that should be made avalable every year....designers)

Must go make dinner, and change in to jeans and head back to Sunday night service.

I hope you are all enjoying a gorgeous day!!

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