Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lost In Translation

Sir Rowland is 5. He is takes things literally. VERY literally. Which I am sure is common. However if I have to explain another American idiom one more time I will SCREAM.

Last week it was "eat your heart out."

I REALLY tried to explain it but was unable to explain the need for expressions.

So the other day after eating our Chinese , and sir Rowland said his final "xie xie", plate were cleared, he opened his fortune cookie.

Sir Rowland: "you will find contentment around the corner". Mom, what is contentment?

AWTM: "it means having everything you could need and being happy."

Sir Rowland: "Just one minute, I am going around this corner."

AWTM: "Sir Rowland, "around the corner" is expression.

Sir Rowland: "I am going around the corner"

AWTM: "ok"

Sir Rowland: "There was nothing there, I wanted."

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