Monday, March 19, 2007

Things you miss

There is something you miss being a military family.

That is family, and when I say family, I mean extended immediate family, like Brotheres, Sisters, Grannys, Grampanios, in-laws, and outlaws. The Collective do not really KNOW family, and it is one of those things make me lie awake some nights, with a blanket of guilt.

The collective really do not KNOW cousins.

So today I was treated to Sir Rowland taking the back way out of several "chick things". He bailed on the tea party, he also bailed when Cousin Curl 2 1/2 , and Pink Ninja 3 talked about Cousins Curls shoe collection for 30 minutes.

But I got to see what I hope is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. A tea party with giggling, while faux drinks, and food were shared. Side splitting laughter.....

I am sorry DH did not get to see it, he is currently away at military training. . Heck no one got to see it, just me. I am a lucky woman...

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