Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Blog Momma celebrates turning 3.

My Blog Momma turns 3 today. Wow three years of almost daily entries. 3 years. So go over and say happy blog-versary.

She does make a good point today about the evoloution of blogging as a hobby. Go over and give it a read.

For those of us that keep an online diary, it does change. As honest as we try and be. Topics change, information exchanged changes. Mostly to protect ourselves, but to protect those around you. Especially when you find out your neighbor is reading, and you can no longer refer to her as "the nesbian". Or you find out your Aunt is reading, and she thinks you are "Earthy".

So thank you for being my blog Momma, and introducing me to an incredible family of bloggers, and so many incredible and giving people. It has been SO MUCH FUN.

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