Thursday, March 08, 2007


OKAY, I can have nothing by mouth after midnight. MRI, in the morning ASAP. The neighbor college student will watch The Collective for me. The MRI, will just take forever, I have to drive through to Little Rock, blah blah, wait, blah blah, get IV and fill out paperwork, and give them my insurance card, and blah blah. If I am right, it will take at least 4-5 hours. I am going to make all breakfast in the monring. I am gonna leave a check here for the sitter to get The Collective pizza at lunch.

I still have pain....ughhhhh...ouch...and there is no relief. Unless of course I take the narcotics, which is just not something I do when alone with children.

The day was kinda long.

Spring has arrived. The tulip magnolias, daffodils, hyacynths,phlox, and red buds are blooming. It is gorgeous out. Beautiful. I am still waiting for leaves to drop off of the 3 huge oak trees...and there will be enough raking for me to do for months. Raking is great excercise. I am going to try and take The Collective to Wye Mountain Saturday for a picnic, we are going to go before the festival. But there are 9 acres of daffodils waiting to be seen.

So tommorow, the MRI, yesturday I had the good fortume of taking The Collective to the Vagina Whisperer. I just told them, Mommy doesn't feel good, you know how woman have vaginas, well the Dr. has to check them regularly. I also asked them to respect my privacy. Done deal. Thank God. When The Whisperer was done I made him assure me I was not entering menapause at 36. He assured me I was not, but he was laughing very hard. Thank God again.

I need to vacuum, and mop sometime in the next 72 hours, or I will be driven crazy.

DH called several times tody, he is enjoying being on a "regular post" where everything is handy. He sounds excited about his reading list, and classes. He sounded very good.

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