Thursday, March 08, 2007


* some of you will like this band.....Irish Thrash?

In fairly typical fashion within 24 hours of my DH's absense some things happen.. Because they do.

My gyno wants to do another laproscopy, because he does not trust the nut case that did my last one. the cyst on my ovary is not reabsorbing, and might be hemmorhagic at this time. I will have an MRI to determine. The MRI is supposed to be TOMORROW. I am looking for a sitter as we speak. I will also be starting birth control pills again to regulate hormones. I am imbalanced right now. We are hoping I am only on the temporary, and they are monophasic, so should be different for me to take.

I refused getting another laproscopy at this time, just cannot do it. I can't afford to be down. And honestly I do not think I need one at this time.

We have a Pine Tree that is infested with beetles or something, the tree needs to come down. It was fine just 5 days ago when I was in my flower bed digging around. 2 days ago, I am in the flower beds, and note branches and bark all over the damn place.


On a good note we have started our new "sans Dad schedule". Last night was dinner at church, 3 year old choir for Pink Ninja and 5 year old choir for Sir Rowland. We had prayer meeting and Bible Study. It was nice. Seriously comfortable on all levels.

Oh and my phone is on the fritz...

if you need to call me, call the cell!!

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