Monday, October 31, 2005

Lessons From Orange And Yellow Hills

My trip to the hills out East, brought many lessons.....

First of all a Good Husband knows when his Dear Wife has a severe case of ArmyWifeToddlerMom burn out. For recognizing, the only cure was an 8 hour drive, a good drunk, meeting new people, and 72 hours of "off duty, potty mouthin...instead of potty training. I thank you....Really. I will return the favor.

Second, yes you Mr. "Song of The South".... SWG...Reading you really is like music to me. For showing me a grand time, at your lovely home, the delicious ribs, the pool lesson, good company. That jar of "pure butter" you sent back, yeah like butter...Melts the entire way down. Melts, like the lovely Fiona's voice. Who by the way, I adore already. Please thanks her again, and again.

"Rockstars" still have to take out the trash like the rest of us. Thanks for all of your hard work, and I know it isn't getting easier. For making sure I wasn't drinking alone thank you.... For all you do, I thank you. On days like today, when the news is bad, and all you want to do is take your little ones trick or treating. We thank you. Next time we will toast to "better news".

Traveling from far distances, can be a great punishment to the beautiful blue eyed Sissy. For reminding me of my age by not knowing who any of my favorite heroines are, I thank you!! Who is Angie Dickinson? Ahhh the 70's, were they that long ago?

Gorgeous creatures come in small packages. Class act. Thanks for driving my moonshined filled tummy through the hills. Mr. Voice is a lucky man as well, your spirit is gorgeous. I have no idea how your tiny little body managed that garage door, you must have super powers, in addition to your "current powers". I am so glad you brought gorgeous, hilarious Morrigan. She almost made me pee my pants. Tell Hubba, thanks for reminding me to empty my bladder regularly.

Yes Darlin, I do have "the vapors", perhaps it was the absinthe? Yeah, you cracked me ribs hurt. Your wit was way to fast on a night where I had consumed so much--booze.

Very Wise, very quiet, but off course there was some crazy fight club in dem dar hills, and we all know what the first rule of fight club is....shhhhhh. Blood pressure my ass. The hospital probably had fight club in the E.R. as well.

Contagious laughter, a great listening ear, fantastic voice, cooking skills, and can serenade the ladies.... Thank you for bringing your guitar, and the kazoo. Your recipes, have my mouth watering, and my oven warming up. You were very welcoming.

The lovely tall blonde, with a penchant for hats. Sorry I moved for the photo, but really, a "Mom" standing next to the tall thin blonde..... I may be crazy, but I am not insane. She brought her non-blogging husband to see what all of the fuss was about, ta-dah. I bet he has a blog next week.

Joisey Jim, and his great "Furookin hair". A regular renaissance man with his guitar playing, music singing, forensic, chemistry, lawyer, Army, city boy charm. All of that and the accent, and ballroom dance trophies too. Me and my "truwk" and city Jimbo, couldn't be more different. I already miss the accent. Please start audio blogging.

The longest.....eyelashes I have ever seen belong to the Elvis sunglass wearing, blonde mulleted Zonker. Yeah, the name pretty much says it all.

Just to be gracious Redneck came, and also brought his "truwk". Ahhh, no need for me to be the only redneck around. Please do not let this country boy fool ya, that slooow drawling Southern boy, was quick. Very quick witted, and he caught me off guard everytime. Charming.

I also met RSM, and hadn't been over to read his blog, however, stopped over ASAP, and really loved it. A nice place to go, and unwind.

Mr. and Mrs. Bad Example showed up Saturday. TNT is exactly that. A little stick of dynamite. I have begged them to arm wrestle in the past. However TNT did better than that. She lifted Harvey right off the ground. Damn girl. I hope you like the new "plank", it is a great move for the tri-ceps. Although yours do not need help. Harvey had brought cigars, for everyone, and I was so surprised that he showed up sans crown.

The collective known as the Donovans were there. Beth and I shared a couple of swigs, and of course since she is the Mother of the Recipe Carnival, and I am a fan. We seriously tried to think of a recipe for the carmel/butterscotch drink. I forget if we decided it was brownies, or ice cream. I think both. Keep an eye on those felines.....I am just saying, they can be sneaky creatures. Arrghh.

Was nice to meet the Royal Cat, ended up right next door at the hotel. I tried to wake her up with Dr. Dre on Saturday morning......didn't phase her. Study hard, and we got your back. Another single beautiful blogger....oh you need to wear the hat all of the time.

Oh, and I really cannot leave this post without thanking the gracious Jason for letting us use his field for shootin', for making sure I didn't get into tooo much trouble with the bottle o those calves, and I hope they don't keep ya up all night bawling.

Oh, Oh......and cousin Brad, yes let me not forget Brad. How could I. It seems a certain jailhouse orange sweater of mine reminded him of the famous celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart. I don't think I will ever be able to put on that sweater again with a straight face. It is a good thing. Mr. Blackfive and I are still trying to figure out what the pudding thing was about.....but I think you made everyone blush. You freaking, made the night. Seriously. You gave me enough endorphins from the laughter to last the week.......I hope Eric lets ya know. You were missed Saturday night.

Finally......Tammi. Oh I didn't want to leave. I wanted to sit and have coffee with you all day. There were no surprises here. You are exactly like your blog, and that says something. You take care of people, the mexican manicotti was delicious....I will be making it. I have a lot to thank you for. I am sure you are aware. Thank you for inviting me. I think it has been a long time since I have been "out" , perhaps 6 years or so....really (no surprise, to some of you). So I thank you for inviting me, introducing me to such a great group of people, and for everything else. Yeah you are welcome here anytime lady, you are like fleece.

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. I imagine it was the shine.

I will not apologize for the snortin, and cacklin', I had too much fun.

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