Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Era at the Casa De Dust

Dash is officially potty trained, and almost accident free for over 2 1/2 weeks. YEAH. (Although, I know due to the fact I am typing this, he will probably have 2 accidents today....should not be typing this, should not be typing this).

Pink Ninja, who is already "headstrong", is developing vocabulary, and autonomy (AGAIN) this week. So the only phrases she is speaking are...

1) Thats mine.

2) No I don't want to.

3) I said no I don't want to.

4) I want that, that is mine.

Autonomy.... UGHHHH.

This is a scene played out in the livingroom yesturday.

Me: Did you just bite Dash? We do not bit Dash, he is our big brother. (Please note Dash was sitting quietly in the corner with a book, and she ran over tackled him and bit him...hard enough to leave a bruise immediatly)

Pink Ninja: No.

Me: You need to go sit in the naughty chair in the corner.

Pink Ninja: No I do not want to.

Me: Picking Pink Ninja up and putting her in the chair. (Mind you, she is stiff as a board has head thrown back and is arching her back out of the chair.)

Dash: Screaming in pain, and crying.

I sooooo thought we were done with this.

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