Thursday, October 06, 2005

5 Things Meme....or Something to think about while pissed off.....

Sue tagged me with this little gem. A great diversion today while I am playing phone tag with "The Man"....

5 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Raise thoughtful children
2. Travel Internationally
3. Write my childrens books series
4. See my Grandbabies
5. Take up painting

5 things I can do:
1. Clean
2. I am a great geriatric nurse
3. I make delicious fried chicken
4. I can take a great bubble bath
5. I am great under pressure

5 things I cannot do:
1. run fast
2. tolerate laziness
3. take a compliment gracefully
4. a lay up
5. draw

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Intelligence
2. Humerous
3. Wit
4. A great voice
5. Great story telling capability
6. Great in the sack....

5 things I say most often:
1. No!
2. Get down!
3. Apologize NOW!
4. Do you need to pee?
5. I love you.

I started to pass this on, but I want to hear everyone answer this, and it simply was taking too long to type.....

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