Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our State Fair is (not) a great state fair, but it will do in a pinch.

While my Sisiter was here, I asked her to go to with me to the State Fair. I used a funnel cake as a bargaining tool--and we were off. Pink ninja and Dash were most impressed with the barn full of rabbits and chickens. We must have spent an hour in that barn.

They had very little in the way of "homemaking" displays. I always love to look at the home canned fruits, wines, and the hundreds of quilts Nebraska used to display. I think they had 6 jellies, 5 fruits, and I didn't see any home brew at all..oh and 8 quilts. Maybe I should can some fruit next year? I might just win a blue ribbon. Perhaps I could make a little money off of my blue ribbon winning jelly recipe? Must consider this as a serious carrer plan.

I did convince them to go on a few rides, they were less than impressed with them.

Next year remind me to take them to a farm instead.

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