Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm so vain I probably think this post is about me.....

Yeah I am still fuming mad.

However, now I am additionally stressed about finding a dress, and getting in to my stylist to get my hair done. I am looking a little "rooty" right now. I need to call her in the morning to see if she has a time that will coincide with Dear Husbands schedule. She is a very busy lady, and I am praying I can get in. I didn't bother to notice my hair until a couple of days ago. Funny how I only "look" at my hair when I need to be around adults for more than 15 minuites at a shot. This hair.... After my second pregnancy my hair turned almost black instead of my normal "brown"....I do not like it black, so I have it colored a caramel kind of color. It is hard to color very dark hair, and have it turn out. I only trust Nula to do it.

Dear Husband is swamped at work for the month, my Sister will be here in 5 days, but I need her here now.

I seriously need time to beautify.

There is the plucking of the brows, and the nails, and the exfoliating, and the locating of "the dress". The illusive dress. My very first non size 5 formal gown.

Perhaps, I could show up in a burlap sack with arm holes cut in it, put my hair in a clippy and wear my Tevas as some sort of "protest". Depending on my wit, and interpersonal relation skills.....

Nula better have a spot for me to get his hair did, and the Dear Lord better give me some sort of sense to dress this new version of Me.....

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