Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You can dress her up.....

But you can't take her anywhere.

I keep getting asked about the "International Event"...so I will try and fill ya'll in on the details. As much of the details I can.

I met Dear Husband at the event. Since he was OIC of event, he was quite busy, I got a smile, wink, and the quickest of kisses. He looked dashing in his dress uniform. I do not get to see him in his dress uniform as much as I would like. Since I was "on my own" for most of the hour due to Dear Husbands very busy and hectic schedule I decided a cocktail was in order. I will remind you here that most of my human contact for the last 4 years has been family, toddlers, and grocery store personel. I found my usual "cool and calm" self requiring a vodka tonic. I had a small case of nerves. I also was on mission to get Dear Husband a small cocktail before his presentation, that was to start in about 15 mintues. I felt relieved about having a mission.

It was really a beautiful night, and all of the teams were dressed in the most formal attire. Very few women are present at this event. I am guessing around 15-25 women. So I make my way to the bar without making much eye contact with any one.

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