Friday, October 21, 2005

Trick or Treat

My Sister left the house at 5:00 this a.m. We said our goodbyes last night....she knows I am not a morning person, so she let me sleep.

Pink was good for the visit, for the most part anyway. Dear Dash had difficulty over the past week and a half. He is having one or two meltdowns a day. Ussually in the morning, and maybe in late afternoon. I am pretty sure it was the change in routine, and having someone else at the house. I thought this had improved for him. I guess the little guy is entitled to bad days we all have them. However I really was hoping we were past the meltdown stage. It doesn't seem to take much. Any small thing will cause him to go into a downward spiral of tears, and there is NO reasoning with him. NONE. I have taken to sending him to his room to have his meltdown. It seems to shorten the meltdown anyway.

I did take Pink Ninja in for her first "real" haircut. I actually just had her "Carol Brady mullet" cut off. I was worried that she may look like a boy sans mullet, however she always over accessorizes. She currently has a pair of new patent leather shoes, 4 handbags, a necklace, and a tutu on, all on top of her Winnie the Pooh jammies. It is funny to me how she gravitates toward anything slightly girly now. She refuses to wear pants any longer, she would prefer to have a skirt or dress on. Last week we went to Dilliards in a Tinkerbelle costume, complete with tights. I must go out and buy her more fluffy costumes after the Holiday. This is completely contrast to Dash who has chosen to FREAK OUT at the sight of his Peter Pan costume, or ANY costume for that matter. He is not a fan of Halloween.

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