Sunday, October 09, 2005

Maul Rats....

Dearest Husband is away, I think day 30 without a day off, and late nights . I have no idea how I managed this for 18 months. Part of me is in panic mode, because it feels like "that" all over again.

So I have manged to wash bedding this weekend, cleaned 2 bathrooms, and the usual. The toddlers and I spent yesturday afternoon picking acorns out of the yard, tiny acorns from the scrub oaks in the back yard. I noted the children were better at locating the tiny acorns. Age and its benifits. We are putting the bucket by the back door so we can watch all of the squirrels "steal" them.

I have makeup on, and managed to throw a couple of curls in my hair, hoping to hide, "roots" we are off to "the maul" again. Yeah, still no dress and the event is Tuesday night. Yeah, yeah......I doubt if I come home with a thing, but I am taking an arsenel of suckers and other distractions to but time. I need to try though. I bought my Sisters ticket for Monday night, but due to hurricane Katrina, etc....the events were moved.......and my Sister will be arriving a day late and a dollar short. I had originally enlisted her help as a sitter for us, so I could mange the house and prepare for events etc. I am swearing under my breath now.

So it is off to "the maul" land of spoiled teenagers on cell phones, and Mothers who borrow daughters clothing, Dad's opening wallets and looking at teenage girls in low riders with a guilty glances, and the weirdos that sit outside of Victorias Secret watching women buy surprises for sweethearts. Oh how I loathe "the maul".......

I think I will need to shower when I get home.

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