Monday, October 10, 2005


Yesterday after the dress hunting, I had the urge to stop by Dear Husbands office. The toddlers miss Daddy, they have only seen him for brief moments before drifting off to sleep.....I think a 5 minute visit might do everyone some good.

I walk into Dear Husbands office...And he has a gentleman sitting in the chair opposite of him, so I stand in the doorway looking at him with this look..."Sorry, just thought we would pop in and see you, ooops didn't know you were busy kind of look".....He has been so busy and so distracted, I am unsure for a moment if this visit was such a good idea.......

Everything stopped for a brief moment, and he stared at me smiling. The kind of smile that makes you feel like you are the only person on the planet. The kind of smile that makes everything else disappear. I will remember that smile always, and now I undertand this. It was the kind of smile, that made the other gentleman smile, shake my hand and leave.

Looking at You
-Cole Porter

Looking at you
While troubles are fleeing
I'm admiring the view
Cause it's you I'm seeing
And the sweet honey dew
Of well-being settles upon me

What is this light
That shines when you enter
Like a star in the night
And what's to prevent her
From destroying my sight
If she centers all of it on me

Looking at you, I'm filled with the essence of
The quintessence of joy
Looking at you, I hear poets tellin' of
Lovely Helen of Troy


Life seemed so gray
I wanted to end it
Till that wonderful day
You started to mend it
And if you'll only stay
I'll spend it looking at you

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