Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You can dress her up.....Part 2

Sorry about my lack of posting, I will explain later this week......When I feel rested.

Anyway back to the bar...So I head to the bar, trying to look like "Mrs. Cool", ignoring essentially everyone in my path,but smiling and trying to look friendly like a weirdo. I reach the bar and note about 20 men behind me, looking at me like I am the "crazy" at the party. However I quickly recognized the look. It was the "Hey lady, you just cut in front of about 20 men to get a drink look"...Ughhh. So I find myself having to look at each of them in the face with that "apologetic look", I am hoping will not get lost in translation. I do recognize that it was a huge faux paus, however like I said, I had huge tunnel vision that was only enabling me to see the bar, and the pebbled cement in front of my feet, just so I wouldn't trip and land face down with my dress over my ears. Well one of the British chappies, took notice of my look of horror and offered me a place in front of him. I declined as gracefully as I could, and then took a look at the line again noting there are not 20 men, it is more like 50 or 60 ......The event starts in 15 minutes and Dear Husband could use a cocktail, before he starts to MC the thing. (I will note here that the British team is out of traditional military dress at this time....
I guess they travel in matching trousers, a crested blazer, and ties.) Anyway so I am standing by the line still, trying to calculate how long it will take for me to get a drink to Dear Husband, and one for myself....and another Gentleman in a blazer steps out and says "Miss, feel free to stand in front of me." I declined and went ahead and took the prior place offered. Simply because I thought, well they are both British (I noted both had "blazers", so I will just step up in line here I will get my 2 drinks and they will be rid of me. I did have to stop on the way into the conference center for apparent photo ops with The United Kingdom team, the Dutch Officer we had in our home as a dinner guest a couple of months ago, and the French team (who did say fromage this time when photo was taken).

Anyway I get our drinks, and head inside, and it is a long walk holding 2 very overfilled small clear plastic cocktail cup. I am wishing the entire time that I would have ordered myself a double as I had done for husband.

I hand Dear Husband his drink, and find my seat for dinner, and swallow my drink....Noting there are wine bottles on the table. Sigh of relief.

Lights dim a bit and the evening begins, with invocation, and Dear Husband introducing some of the guests of honor. Some of the faces are familiar as I see the Adjutant General and his wife, and then I note the Gentleman from earlier out by the bar, the Gentleman whose offer I had declined because he was too far from the bar. He was introduced by Dear Husband who is late in informing me that this is Assistant to the Chief, National Guard Bureau.

I quickly drank a couple of glasses of wine, and sat horrified.

Dear Husband sits down and the dinner hour begins. I whisper to Dear Husband what had occurred, and told him I dissed the Assistant to the Chief for a better standing in line at the bar. Dear Husband smiled and said "Great, he will know my wife is an opportunist."

Lesson here being

1.)Bring a flask, and put lime wedges in my purse so I do not have to wait in line.

2.)Always just pay attention to where the line is and shut up and stand in the back.

3.)Just take the cut in line because this guy will never remember me anyway.


You can dress me up, but you can not take me anywhere.

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