Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cold Natured

I officially put a blanket on the couch last night, I do believe it will stay there for the duration. Dash, who hates wearing socks and shoes, begged for snuggly socks last night after his bath. Pink Ninja is in a footed sleeper, and heck even I broke down and threw socks on this morning. The kitchen tile COLD on my bare feet.

I think fall has arrived, although the South has a way of tricking me. I have been tricked twice into believing it is fall in the last 4 weeks. The ninety degree days proved my fall intuition wrong.

So today I think I may make a big pot of chilli, bake some oatmeal/raisin/walnut cookies, and put the children's shorts, and swim pool away, for good this time.

I am from the North, which means when I first moved down here about 4 years ago, a sixty degree day in October would still be "shorts, and sandals" weather, I would see the native Southerners bundled in scarves and down coats, hats pulled around ears for a sixty degree day, and I immediately thought they were pussies. Sixty degrees up North is swimming weather....

I am going to join the ranks of the pussies today, I might even wear a coat.

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